Coffee Grinders

coffee and grinderThe popularity of coffee in the past few years has also brought an age-old kitchen appliance back into the forefront, albeit in new and modern versions. Coffee grinders, which for many years was considered an antique or something used at the supermarket to grind coffee beans before taking them home. Today however it is hard to find a coffee lover who doesn’t have some type of coffee grinder in the kitchen.

First, there are the antique coffee grinders that many people collect and display for decorative purposes. These are often still usable but if actual use is the goal, it is better to purchase a new one that is fashioned after the antique type. This is simply to insure the blades are sharp and there are no dormant germs lurking.

Collectors of antique coffee grinders go to great lengths to find the grinders they want to complete their kitchen décor. There are wall mount and free standing antique grinders, some are very ornate while others are simply made from beautiful wood.

Homeowners who are looking for a coffee grinder that they can actually use have many different choices; each one dependent on how much use is anticipated. Smaller models are ideal for homes that aren’t planning to grind beans on a weekly basis but might want to have a grinder for those occasions when they do purchase whole beans. Heavy use households need a grinder that will hold up to constant grinding. The cost of the grinder will depend on the type.

A basic blade coffee grinder can be purchased for around twenty dollars. These are typically reserved for homes with low use. They are often pulse grinders that do not have literal ‘on’ and ‘off’ switches. The user puts the beans in the cup and pushes down to start the grinding process. The grind achieved is determined by how long or how many grinding bursts the beans receive. These grinders typically hold enough beans for about one to two pots of coffee and are easy to clean. Basic blade grinders are not the ideal choice for grinding beans for espresso or other very fine grinds.

The next step up would be a burr grinder that grinds the beans between metal discs for a much finer grind. There are home models available in the ninety-dollar range. Burr grinders produce a more consistent grind than basic blade grinders and are much quieter in operation. Some come with bean storage attached and others simply allow for more beans to be ground at one time than basic blade grinders. Cleaning a burr grinder is as simple as brushing out the conical burrs.

On the top end of grinders are the burr grinders that are also outfitted with various settings that allow the user to set it and wait. These grinders are in the neighborhood of two to three hundred dollars. The price tag does come with some extra features such as grinding directly to a filter or having sixteen different grind settings that also measure the right amount for an espresso machine doser. These are for higher end kitchens that want the bells and whistles.

It is easy to see that purchasing a coffee grinder can be an expensive purchase if that is what the individual wants or it can be a relatively inexpensive purchase that gets the job done without all the glitz and glamour. The choice is simply a matter of taste, both in options and in coffee.






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