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Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are an essential part of the kitchen, or at least that is what coffee enthusiasts believe. Choosing the right one from the many different coffee makers on the market is an important decision for the true coffee aficionado. It must be more than just a stylish appliance that sits on the counter; it must brew the perfect cup of coffee and possibly more.

There are some factors that need to be taken into consideration before purchasing the coffee maker. Knowing how often the machine will be used, how many cups of coffee need to be made at one time, what type of beans are going to be used and what type of grind is desired will help when deciding on the type of coffee maker to purchase. Price and added features are also factors to take into consideration.

In order to make the best decision on which one to choose it is also helpful to understand the various types of coffee makers. First, there is the automatic drip coffee maker. This is the typical coffee maker found in most homes. These machines are inexpensive and easy to use. Water is poured into the reservoir and ground coffee is placed in a filter or filter basket. The water is heated and drips through the filter basket and into the coffee pot sitting on the warmer underneath.

Electric drip coffee makers come with many optional features such as built-in grinders, timers and automatic shut-off devices. The prices of these vary according to the features on the machine.

French press coffee makers or press pots, as they are also known make one or two cups of coffee at a time and do not have a heating mechanism to keep the coffee warm. The French Press is a glass or porcelain container that uses a mesh plunger as a filter. Coffee grounds are put into the glass pot and hot but not boiling water is added. Once the coffee has steeped for a few minutes the mesh plunger is pushed and the coffee is now ready to drink. Many coffee enthusiasts believe a French press makes a more robust, full-bodied cup of coffee than other types of coffee makers.

Percolators are a type of coffee maker that can be used on the stovetop or even over a campfire. Water is put in the bottom portion with the coffee grounds being put in the top portion of the funnel filter. As the water heats it moves up the filter over the coffee fills the pot with fresh brewed coffee.

Choosing the right coffee maker involves more than picking up the first one on the shelf of the local retail store, for a truly memorable cup of coffee there should be research and consideration of the many factors involved. This will result in the ownership of an appliance that will last many years and give the owner many wonderful cups of fresh brewed coffee.


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