One Cup Coffee Makers



Single cup coffee makers have revolutionized the types of hot and cold beverages people can offer their guests. Additionally, these multi-faceted machines have made it possible to allow every guest their choice of drinks without having to use multiple appliances or wait long periods of time between drinks to serve everyone their favorite.

Single cup coffee maker makers have pushed coffee roasters, tea growers and other hot beverage makers such as hot chocolate to make compatible products for these one cup makers. Guests who like flavored coffee can choose from traditional flavors like Irish Crème and hazelnut coffees to exotic roasts that are dark and rich and the best part is they can each choose their own favorite and have a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute.

People who prefer hot tea can choose from traditional black and green tea to English breakfast tea and favorites like Lemon Zinger and other fruit flavors. Relaxing teas like rosemary and sleepy time teas are often favorites among tea drinkers.

Iced tea drinkers are not left out when choosing a flavor. Many of the newer one cup coffeemakers have an iced option that lessens the amount of water used so that the ice in the waiting cup adds the reaming water needed for the beverage. Iced tea lovers have discovered this to be a convenient way to get fresh glass of iced tea without brewing a full pot.

Individual coffee makers also make hot beverages for people who don’t like hot tea or coffee by offering hot chocolates. Manufacturers of the individual K-cups and pods have created several hot chocolate flavors along with Chai and latte drinks. The one cup coffee maker is versatile enough to allow everyone in the family or office to have their favorite drink.

One cup coffee makers can also be used for hot water when it is needed in a hurry. The machine can be used without a pod or K-cup in it and the outcome will be simple hot water to make soup or other instant foods that require nothing more than hot water.

Entertaining with a one cup coffeemaker makes for a wonderful time for everyone. After dinner coffee based drinks can be made to order, so to speak. Coffee with Irish crème or a nice hot tea with a to9uch of honey and bourbon is sure to hit the spot. Everyone can choose their favorite drink and the party will be a big hit for all involved.

One cup coffee makers have become popular among coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike. Coffee drinkers like the ease and convenience of the makers while non-coffee drinkers like being able to make more than coffee using the brewers.


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